Lessons I’ve learned from 1.5 years as software developer

Here are some of the lessons and tips I have learnt during my first year as a software developer.

Think in First principles - When I started out as a software developer, the architect I was working with used to say software engineering is just loops and if conditions. When I think about it now, behind every complex software design, the basic concepts are simply loops and if conditions.

Below clip explains why knowing principles matter.

Software Architect Chamil on why principles matter(Source: SCIENTIA24X7)

Solve the problem, then write the solution - Don’t ever write trial and error code. Before solving a problem think of the solution and then code it. Also whenever possible, Use debuggers instead of console.logs/printlns.

Focus is important - Focus is important to get hard tasks done. As Hasitha Liyanage said in his blog:

To me, “IQ”, knowledge and skill are all a function of your power of concentration.

I believe using less or no Social Media will drastically improve concentration since there is just so much news/distractions these days.

Being Productive- We developers have certain times when we are super productive. Some code away early in the morning while some code late at night. Its good to know which time you are most productive and make use of that. Also make sure to get proper 8 hours of sleep, I think staying late nights to give releases are where most buggy codes are formed.

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